Whole Food Dinner: Chickpea Salad, Slaw and Roasted Veggies

Whole Food Dinner

Whole Food Dinner

This is a meal containing only whole foods that can be thrown together in under a half an hour.  Ideally, you would allow the slaw to sit in the fridge for an hour or more, but if this is not your reality never fear!

Here it is:

Carefree Chickpea SaladSwift Slaw, Roasted carrots/broccoli/zucchini

You will need something to pair the chickpea salad with.  I used homemade bread that I pulled out of the freezer. Always have homemade bread in the freezer!  You could also use a cracker, pita or wrap with any veggie toppings you choose.  I cooked the chickpeas earlier in the morning, but again, you could easily use a can of chickpeas.  The broccoli in the roasted veggie mix was from the freezer also.  I wanted another green veggie but didn’t have anything fresh.  I loved this broccoli because the florets were tiny, and small pieces are often more enticing to children if you are trying to get them to eat new or different foods.

Tip:  If you are trying to get a child to try a new vegetable, roast it with one they already love.  Roast broccoli with carrots for example.  The child may be more willing to try the broccoli if it is next to something that he loves.


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