Whole Food Dinner: “Taco” Salad

After this evening’s course of events, I arrived home with extremely hungry children at 7:50 pm.  Way too late for our family to arrive home for dinner, and DINNER WASN’T MADE (due to other various courses of events throughout the day).  Enter:  my version of a taco salad.  This meal is so simple if you have brown rice on hand, which I try to do.  Brown rice takes long enough to cook that it doesn’t lend to quick meal prep.  That is why you should try if you can, to always cook extra brown rice to have on hand for the week.  It is easy to reheat and versatile in many different dishes.

Whole Food Dinner

Whole Food Dinner

Here it is:  Organic blue corn tortilla chips, frozen corn, brown rice, shredded cheese, refried pinto beans, salsa, olives, tomatoes and avocado.

What I Did: (In 10 minutes max) Quickly slice an avocado and tomato, pull some olives, brown rice and shredded cheese (dairy or non-dairy) out of the fridge, tortilla chips and can of pinto beans out of the cabinet, and corn from the freezer. Put rice, refried beans, cheese and frozen corn (that’s right, I didn’t even cook it) on top of the chips and microwave to desired temperature.  Add avocado, tomatoes and olives (you could also add lettuce) and serve.  My kids love this meal.  I save it for a night like this one when I really don’t have time to cook dinner.  It is one of my staple quick, go-to meals.  Protein, check.  Whole grains, check.  Veggies, check.  Whole Food, check.


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