Kid’s School Lunch

Kid's School Lunch

Kid’s School Lunch

Watermelon, Triscuit plain crackers, cucumbers/celery, grape kabobs, whole wheat vegan biscuits with raw nut butter, and (not pictured) a bag of popcorn.

I always try to include a little extra something (like the popcorn) so my kids have a snack option at school other than the processed foods that they usually offer in the classroom for snack.  We give our children the freedom to choose whether or not to have the snack that is offered in school, always with lots of discussion about the content of food.  School snacks are a great gateway to discussions about food.  At my children’s request, I have shown them the ingredient list of some of the foods they have eaten (for the first time) in their classroom, and they decided on their own that they would decline that food the next time.

On another note, a great thing you can do for your children to address the school snack issue is to lead by example.  Once or twice a month, I bring in a healthy, whole food snack that does not come from a package or box.  Fruit kabobs are usually a big hit in the boy’s classrooms.


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