Whole Food Kid’s School Lunch

Whole Food Kid's School Lunch

Whole Food Kid’s School Lunch

At the risk of being redundant and boring you, I am posting yet another kid’s school lunch because I want to drive home the point that lunches don’t have to be a lot of work.  Do you see a pattern here with the foods I have been packing lately in lunches?  More of the same:

watermelon, corn, broccoli/red peppers, Carefree Chickpea Salad, and homemade whole wheat sliced challah bread

Find recipes and foods that work for you and make large batches and serve them several days in a row or freeze.  Do this until your children start complaining about eating the same foods and then switch to something else.  Again, I have my staple recipes that I turn to when I can’t think of what to serve.  These will change as your children develop new tastes or preferences, or possibly with the seasons.  The point is that you can fairly easily pack your children a school lunch that is devoid of processed foods.


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