Whole Food Kid’s School Lunch

Whole Food Kid's School Lunch

Whole Food Kid’s School Lunch

  • Carrot sticks
  • Strawberries/grapes
  • Homemade whole wheat cinnamon pretzel balls
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Dinner leftovers (homemade flour tortilla wrap filled with brown rice and tofu)

I made this lunch the night before school.  I would recommend doing this if possible.  There is much less pressure of time constraints, and it usually doesn’t take that long if you do it coinciding with kitchen clean-up.  With the dinner leftovers as you can see, this was quick to come together.  I did make the whole wheat cinnamon pretzel balls.  They took under an hour start to finish, and I made them as we were straightening up the kitchen.  I have enough to use them as a snack tomorrow or the next day.  It is rare that I have dinner leftovers unless I make soup, so this was a treat and I promptly packed them up into the boy’s lunches!


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