Speedy Supper Series: Grilled Cheese and Tomatoes

Grilled Cheese and Tomatoes

Grilled Cheese and Tomatoes

Along with my Super Simple Snack Series, I am introducing my Speedy Supper Series!  Lately it feels like I am more and more pressed to get a quick dinner on the table.  Preparing supper ahead of time is my preference because then I can be assured that when I walk in the door at 6:00 that my family will have a healthy, nutritious meal (and still get to bed at a reasonable hour)!  When that doesn’t happen, it is important to have other options for whole food meal prep in under 30 minutes.

This meal was a perfect way to use up some of the homemade whole wheat bread I prepared the previous day. Use any kind of cheese you like.  I sliced tomatoes and served them on the side.  Some of my kids aren’t tomato fans (but I still put one on their plate to try!), so I also served other raw veggies along with the sandwich.  It filled everyone’s bellies and was an easy clean-up, which is always a bonus!


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