How We Handle Halloween Candy

I thought it might be interesting for you to hear how we handle all that Halloween candy.  Halloween looks a little different for us each year depending on our children’s ages/stages.  We have tried some things that we didn’t like so we tweaked it a little the following year.  I want to stress that this is just how we handled Halloween this year, and it will look a little different for each family.  For example, this year we had to deal with something new in our family;  that being the fact that our oldest son receives candy daily at his school as a reward for work completed.  This impacted how we handled the candy this year.

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

We let our kids indulge in as much candy as they wanted during trick-or-treating and thereafter.  We didn’t outwardly state this fact, but we didn’t stop them or limit them that evening.  We had conversations with them about what happens when you eat too much sugar, etc, but we still let them make the choice.  Now, it was a little different for our almost 2 and 4 year old.  I did limit them because they are still too young to completely attempt the self-regulation thing.  The older two definitely indulged, but it wasn’t to an extreme in my opinion.

The next day, Saturday, they organized, traded, and we had a conversation about how much candy they should keep.  Last year we let them keep twice their age, so this was what they said they wanted to do again.  Our almost nine year old picked 16.  Our almost 7 year old actually said he only wanted to pick 10.  Our almost 4 year old picked 6, and the almost 2 year old was not really involved in this process.  I set 2 pieces aside for her to eat after her nap.

After they picked their candy, we put the rest in a paper bag and THREW IT AWAY!  The pile above was part of the stash we threw out.  They had to wait until after morning snack, but after that they were free to eat their candy anytime they wanted until dinner.  Anything left by Sunday evening we got rid of.  It is Monday, and there is no more candy in our house.

I am pretty happy with how Halloween went this year.  I felt bad about the amount of candy that I threw out;  it actually made me cringe to think of the money spent on it.  But, I would rather throw it in the trash than have my children consume it.  Next year, I think we will visit fewer houses and hopefully get less candy.  This way we won’t have to throw so much away.


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