Super Simple Snack Series: Popcorn



There isn’t much to say in this post.  Popcorn is easy to make, affordable, and satisfies the taste buds with it’s crunchy appeal.  I would definitely make it a priority to buy organic, non-GMO popcorn when possible.  The bulk aisle in your local health food store is always a great option.  I topped this batch (picture only shows half) with about 2 Tbsp. melted Earth Balance butter and tons of nutritional yeast.  Often we just enjoy our popcorn plain or with a little bit of sea salt.  This recipe is written so you can use any size saucepan you prefer.

Popcorn – Any Size

Choose any size saucepan you want (size of saucepan will be amount of popcorn yielded).  Cover bottom of saucepan with olive oil (I have also used coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, canola oil).  Cover bottom of saucepan with just enough popcorn so you cannot see the bottom of the saucepan.  Cover saucepan with a lid and turn burner to medium.  Cook until you hear 3-4 seconds in between pops.  Turn off burner and remove saucepan from heat.  Let sit for a few more minutes for remainder of popping to occur.  There is no need to shake the saucepan during popping.  Top as desired and devour!


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