Whole Food School Lunch: November 4

I’m back after a bit of a break.  A weekend out of town, quitting coffee (more on that later….yes, I have been coffee free for 2 weeks!), and a poor little 2 year old with a nasty virus for a week will do that to you.  I will try to play catch up as best as I can.

In addition to the lunch in the sectioned container, I have now started to pack additional container(s) of snack foods so that my children have healthy alternative snack alternatives to the ones provided in class.  We try to be flexible with our family eating foods that don’t fall into line with our healthy lifestyle, especially when it is an occasional thing.  When parents are bringing in unhealthy options all the time, and this is what the kids get on a regular basis, then I have a hard time with it.  Oreo cookies, Nilla Wafers and Goldfish Crackers have been making a regular appearance as of late, so it’s time to make sure that my children have another option.  I still don’t force them to eat what I send with them, but I have found that if there is another alternative they will often eat what I send them because they are hungry.

Whole Food School Lunch:  November 4

Whole Food School Lunch: November 4

  • popcorn
  • whole wheat crackers
  • strawberries
  • edamame
  • almond butter sandwich on homemade whole wheat challah
  • carrot sticks

Look for a post coming soon on school snacks and school food in general.


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