Classroom Birthday Treats: Homemade Mini Angel Food Cakes

Homemade Mini Angel Food Cakes

Homemade Mini Angel Food Cakes

These turned out to be a great alternative to the traditional cupcake topped with tons of icing, an idea by my oldest who just turned 9.  They are completely dairy free except for a small amount of milk protein in the whipped topping.  I used a store bought alternative (pictured below – from Whole Foods) to the traditional Cool Whip, which is loaded with artificial stuff.  If you desired, you could make a homemade version and keep it completely dairy free.

Alternative to Cool Whip

Alternative to Cool Whip

They were light and topped with lots of yummy fresh fruit and a dallop of whopped topping.  I also added a few pieces of fresh fruit to the top.  This was actually a practical move on my part, designed to allow me to cover the glass pan with plastic wrap without the plastic touching and ruining the whipped topping.  It worked great!

I used this recipe for the angel cakes with the following changes.

  1. used 6 large eggs and did not measure how much whites were produced
  2. subbed 3 tsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice for the cream of tarter
  3. skipped step 3 and added both sugar and powdered sugar to the egg white mixture, whipped until stiff peaks formed
  4. folded in flour only in last step

You can make cupcake size as pictured above or use a mini muffin pan for very small ones as pictured below. In hindsight, this is a really nice option for the classroom because the kids can just eat it with their fingers rather than having to fuss with utensils.  I had an overflow of cake batter with my second son’s treats, so I used the remainder in the mini muffin cups.  These will go to the swim team today!

Mini Muffin Angel Cakes

Mini Muffin Angel Cakes


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