Super Simple Snack Series: Edamame



Edamame is a great snack!  It is also easy to prepare, requiring only boiling.  You can also buy little edamame packets that you throw in the microwave.  They are expensive, so I only use these when traveling.  Full of protein and very filling, this makes a perfect after school snack or a side to a meal.  The picture above shows shelled soybeans, but you can also buy them in the shell.  This is fun for kids to pick the beans out of the shell.  Add a little sea salt, and you have a delicious snack!

Soy (along with corn) is one of the things that I buy 100% organic.  Most of the soy in this country is GMO, and I stay away from it. Visit this link from the USDA to see the scary trend of some of the main GMO crops in this country.  Keep the GMO’s out of your bodies if possible!!!!!


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