Ask Away in April!

IMG_20150327_134834have decided to open up the forum this month.  Ask me anything!  Is there a packaged, processed or fast food that your child just loves and you can’t imagine them giving up…..ask for an alternative?  Wonder why we eat something we do…..ask!  Want a suggestion on how to talk to your child in an age appropriate way about why you don’t want them eating something…..ask!  Want to know how my children happily eat their vegetables…..ask! Want some suggestions on saving money at the grocery store?  Want a meal plan or shopping list for a day or a week?  

I think you get the idea.  I am so excited and willing to share the details of our diet with you!  We aren’t perfect, but we try.  I have spent the last 12 years obsessing researching and reading about healthy eating, and it is definitely my passion, so ask away!  I will do my very best to answer!  Here’s to another month of healthy eating!

***Leave a comment on this post, and I will be able to respond to you via email.   Obviously your email will not be made public.  Or head on over to my FB page and message me.  Look forward from hearing to you!


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