Gluten Free: A Day of Whole Foods

I will show you how easy it is to eat a day of unprocessed, whole foods.  Today was vegetarian, gluten free and minimal dairy.  It involved minimal prep and very little time in the kitchen cooking.  I feel great and completely satisfied after eating this today.  I will probably top off the evening with a cup or two of caffeine free herbal tea.


  • coffee with 1 tsp. sugar and half & half
  • huge green smoothie (1/2 bag spinach, 1/2 bag frozen blueberries, 1/8 cup hemp seeds & water)


  • peach


  • salad (romaine, cucumber, carrots, red peppers, raw pecans, dried cranberries, artichokes) with balsamic vinagrette dressing


  • raw carrots, red peppers, cucumbers, celery & raw almond butter


  • onion, mushroom, green beans sauteed in ghee & Braggs liquid aminos with 3 scrambled eggs topped with tomatoes
Gluten-Free Vegetarian Dinner

Gluten-Free Vegetarian Dinner


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