Back to Basics & Exercising with your Kids

After several rounds of visitors mixed in with a trip out of town and a very busy swim schedule, I am feeling less than ideal about my food choices.  I am more tired, have less energy and things like a dessert or a sandwich that were a treat have started to creep into my eating on a daily basis.  This increases my sugar consumption, and has me reaching more for sugars and starches (which turn into sugar in the body), which cause me to crave these things more, which makes me more tired, and the cycle begins.  I think one of the most important things you can do is to know your body and be able to recognize when these things are happening, and then END IT IMMEDIATELY!

Here is an example of my daily food intake which involves going back to the basics.

Breakfast:  banana and peanut butter

Snack:  celery and peanut butter

Lunch:  2 scrambled eggs, onion, mushroom, kale in coconut aminos

Snack:  protein shake (rice milk, banana, vegan protein powder & ice)

Dinner:  brown rice, roasted vegetables & tofu

Exercise is also very important, and I have not been exercising this summer like I should.  With four kids at home ranging in ages from 2 – 9, intense exercise of a reasonable duration is difficult.  So for me the next best thing is to take my kids along and lower my expectations.  We take off and choose a route close to home that is a mile or less.  This way the older ones can go ahead if they like, stop at the house for a break or water if needed, or change to a bike/scooter if they get tired of running.  The goal is that they are moving, and I believe that exercising with your children creates a firm foundation early on that exercise is important.  I always take the double jogger so even my youngest two can run!  Sometimes this means running for 50 yards, then getting in the jogger, and repeating this over and over until we are finished.  It is not as important for me to get an ideal workout as it is that my children see me exercising and doing it WITH them.  I sprint when I can, or take opportunities to pick up the pace when both of the youngest are in the jogger.  Keeping expectations low and reminding myself that moving is better than sitting at home keeps me going and enjoying the experience.  For motivation, we started a running program and have a goal of running /biking/scootering/walking 100 miles. Check out our facebook page, like it, and join us in our quest!  We will set a time goal to reach 100 miles and celebrate once we are there.  I have a spreadsheet and will keep track of everyone’s miles.


This is my gang setting out on one of our morning runs.  It is great fun and we hope some of you will join us!


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