Super Versatile Recipe: Lentil Soup!


I got some version of this lentil soup recipe from my friend when we lived in Oregon.  She made it for me after I had my fourth baby, and it has been a hit in our family ever since.  I have changed it so many times, and you can find my go-to version here on this blog.  This recipe is so forgiving that I don’t think I have made it exactly the same way twice!  I wanted to share with you the way I made it for dinner tonight.  It is so filling and delicious!  Pair it with these homemade crescent rolls, and it is sure to be a hit with everyone in your house!

I made the following changes to the recipe based on the fact that I had hardly any ingredients in my house!  As you will see, when I was out of one vegetable, I subbed another.  Don’t have a spice, leave it out!  Adjust your other seasonings accordingly to make up for the flavors.  Also, I almost always add more lentils that the recipe calls for, and I try to add additional sides of vegetables with the meal.  Boosts the protein and fills the savages bellies!

  • omitted carrots
  • added chopped zucchini
  • tripled the celery
  • added extra lentils
  • used an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce
  • forgot the garlic clove, so I added garlic in at the end in spice form
  • omitted cumin
  • added 1/4 Cup butter with onion while it was sauteing in the beginning

For the cauliflower and brussels sprouts:

Place in glass dish and generously drizzle with olive oil and nutritional yeast.  Cook at 400 F until tops brown slightly.


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