Taco Night!!!


Taco night might be our favorite here.  It’s really the perfect meal for a large family , any family really, because everyone can pile what they want on their taco (our only rule is that they have a protein and one or more vegetables on their plate.  It’s also really easy to prepare, which is a bonus for me, and it fills everyone up.  Use whatever kind of protein you like; this meal can so easily be whatever you want it to be.  Carnivore, omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, you name it!  I usually use black beans, soy crumbles, or a combination of both.  I saute them with a bag of frozen organic corn.  Trader Joe’s has a nice box of 12 taco shells made with organic corn.  Add a nice salad on the side and the meal is complete!  You can see the picture below of my latest salad dressing obsession.  I try to stay away from dairy, but a little bit of this on your salad goes a long way.  It is really delicious!  I picked it up at Publix.  Also pictured are some of my favorite salad greens from Trader Joe’s.  It is a nice combination of organic baby greens ready to eat.

All of the following deliciousness made it onto our table this evening:

  • salad (tomato, roasted pumpkin seeds, mixed Power Greens, artichokes, olives, red onions with white cheddar dressing)
  • salsa
  • black beans/soy crumbles/corn
  • shredded cheese
  • avocado

Have a great night!


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