What are whole foods?


What are “whole foods”? According to the World Health Organization”, whole foods are “food with little or no refining or processing and containing no artificial additives or preservatives”.

The food needs to be as close to it’s natural state as possible.  If a packaged food has more than 5 ingredients, you are moving too far away from the “whole food” and into the world of processed foods.  If the packaged food has ingredients that you cannot pronounce or have never heard of, it’s probably processed food!  It really is that simple!

Stay away from packaged foods that contain added sodium or sugar, artificial ingredients, preservatives, other additives, food dyes.  Remember that many food additives come in numerous forms.  Take sugar for example; there are over 30 different ways to write sugar on a food label.  Back to last paragraph; if you can’t pronounce it or have never heard of it, it’s processed!

Keep it simple!  I encourage you to get back to the basics of cooking.  Once you remove the majority of sugar from your diet, you really start to taste foods in a new way.  You can appreciate the food for it’s true flavors, and food really doesn’t need a lot of added stuff to it when you are able to appreciate it’s natural flavor.  Remember, you cannot go wrong with whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Here’s to healthy minds, bodies and spirits!

2 thoughts on “What are whole foods?

  1. Penniless Veggie says:

    I’m pretty much on board with whole food eating, though I do routinely get in certain ready-made items like wholemeal bread, unsweetened plant milks and dairy-free margarine and I make liberal use of relatively low processed products such as tinned plum tomatoes, tofu and tahini. I could probably phase out margarine (yes, a trans-fat nightmare) as I don’t often use it and himself uses butter. I’d like to get into the habit of making my own vegannaise as it’s supposed to be pretty easy to do with a blender and includes far less in the way of ingredients than shop bought. I’d like to get a decent blender to make my own nut butters and maybe even plant milks and cheeses. But as you have noted, it can all get a bit time consuming making everything from scratch, which is why I tend to quite a bit of big batch cooking for the freezer. It saves such a lot of time to make a pan of food that serves eight, rather than just two. It also saves energy, especially as whole foods can require more time on the stove than something straight out of a packet. Have subbed, good luck with your project!


    • Thank you! I definitely use packaged products; I just try to buy things with minimal ingredients. I love my Vitamix. It has definitely made cooking from scratch easier, and I can quickly make things like salsa and nut butters. It was well worth the investment! Thanks for stopping in.


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