Why this site is different!

At Whole Food Friday, I aim to inspire and assist you in achieving a whole food lifestyle to the extent that YOU are able.  It is a difficult and drastic undertaking to overhaul your entire way of eating overnight.  Many of us have grown up eating a certain way, and we wonder why we can’t just continue feeding our kids the same way?  Our world has gotten busy.  Maybe we tend to eat out or grab quick “on-the-go” snacks.  Maybe we have careers and don’t have the time to cook meals every night.  Maybe we are just feeding our families the way we always have been and don’t see anything wrong with it.  Whatever the reasons, I encourage you to look at the foods you are eating and decide if you want to make any changes.

I don’t expect you to eat ONLY whole foods 100% of the time.  I don’t even expect that of myself!  One thing I have learned in my decade-long quest of healthy eating is that there is always something to learn, and something is always changing.  I have also learned that everyone is different and has different metabolic needs.  That is why I am not encouraging any specific type of diet.  Whether you prefer a standard diet including meats, consume mostly paleo, vegetarian, vegan or raw, this site is for everyone!  Every one of these diets can thrive eating whole food.

February 2015 Challenge:  Say no to fast food and say yes please to fresh fruit!!!  Take the February Whole Food Friday Challenge and let’s make this month a healthy one!

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